Human nature???

Finally! my broadband is working again... haish.. sgt mencabar kesabaran this celcom broadband...

it was lucky it broke down when i was busy preparing the company's Annual Family Day. It was themed "Family Fun Fiesta 2009" and as any other year, I didn't get d chance to enjoy much of the event... :( but i would say it was a great event... on behalf of the main organizing committee i was really hoping that everybody enjoyed themselves. But i guess i could never understand the nature of human who could never be satisfied for what they are given and blessed with.

No doubt i was glad it was over, i saw some aspects of improvement and success in the event, i saw people enjoying themselves, i saw laughs and fun, but i also saw the same disrespectfulness in some people, i saw d same greed and d so-called-integrity in human. however, i guess i learnt to let go of personal dissappointments and heartbreak days ago and none of these negativity bother me that much anymore... some people are just not worth ur time, energy and let them go...

At the end...I'm just gonna be glad and grateful that despite all this negativity, we still have those kind-reliable-sincere people in dis world... these are d people who will alwes have my respect...

Sneak preview of 2 weeks affair...

My apologies for my long absence from my blog... i was too occupied wif all sorts of things - my wedding, my work commitment, my family... lots lots lots... haish!

so... here's a sneak preview of my life affairs for d past 2 weeks! hehehe

3rd March

  • i took a day off from work to settle a lot of things that have to be settled during a working day
  • 2nd follow-up appointment with my doctor at KMC - positive findings so i don't hv to go back for more followups - what a relief!
  • HIV test @ Klinik Kesihatan Balok - long wait due to the clinic policy to give priority for senior citizens, pregnant women, children and disabled. The results on the other hand came out very2 quick..adela 5 min kot.. ehheheh. so another big thing towards getting married settled too!!!

  • checked all the items needed before we submitted the "Borang Kebenaran Berkahwin di Luar Kawasan" at Pej Agama Kuantan: all necessary info and signatures in the form (penghulu kg, pen pendaftar nikah mukim, and a few others, don't worry it's all written in the form), copy of ICs (bride's & bridegroom's), copy & original of Sijil Kursus Kahwin (bride's & bridegroom's), Surat Akuan Bujang (bride's & bridegroom's), results of HIV test (bride's & bridegrooms's), passport size photos of both (some states require the bridegroom to wear a songkok in the photo, so wherever u wanna get married, it is safer for the bridegroom to readily take d photo wearing a songkok). Once all checked, we photocopied d whole application package for our record.
  • went to Pej Agama Kuantan and submitted the completed applications. The approval cert will be issued in the next 7 days - howyeah!!! :D
  • it was already 5pm when we finally settled everything... what a day! penat gile... we were later joined by tomok and spent d rest of d eve at the East Coast Mall.
  • Quenched our thirst at Black Canyon's Coffee with it's yummy smoothies; Phuket Paradise, Strawberry Delight & Blueberry Delight. all yummy yummy yummy - a must try if u are going there (my fav - Phuket Paradise!)

  • went back home to Damansara
  • Saturday - took my nephew & lilsis to 1utama. Initial plan : MPH to buy storybooks, GSC to watch Upin&Ipin. We spent a few hours at MPH - books are good for children, so let them take their time to choose, read thru and then only u review which of their choices are worth the buy.. don't rush them... :) Fahim was always finding ways to get me to buy him the PS... hikhikhik. everytime we passed thru stores that sells PS he would say "makcik2...tu ape tu?". ekekekkek. he is so adorable for a 4-yr old kid! Upin&Ipin tickets were sold out for d day... so i bought d morning ticket for the next day... sronok dorg got another day out on Sunday. haish.
  • Got back from our little shopping spree just at d nick of time to go to Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang and helped my bigsis to setup a small event for her friend. Lovely decos i must say! but forgot to take photos of my own... i believe my sis will upload d photos in her blog soon (Shajaratul's Design) u may check them out later! :)
  • Sunday - another day out (morning wif Afaf & Fahim at Upin&Ipin, later wif Milia doing some gal's stuff shopping) heheheh
  • Monday - spent d day at home wif mama n d kids... then made d move back to Kuantan around 3.30pm.
A weekend back home is ALWAYSSSS good!!!! :D

11 March - my lucky day wif Red fm
  • last week my colleague Anna told me about this little money giveaway contest run by Red fm which is sooooooooooooo easy to be won - the Red fm Fourplay
  • very easy indeed, all u have to do is send them smses whenever you hear them play these 4 songs; I dn't wanna miss a thing, bad day, every breath u take, & can't fight d moonlite. if they play 1 song it's worth RM250, 2 songs Rm500, 3 songs Rm 1000 and all 4 songs played back to back is worth RM2500.
  • the contest started few weeks back so I already missed weeks of opportunities so just to try my luck, i did send a few smses whenever i hear they play the songs.
  • after just about 6-7 days of trying... on this lucky day... it was around 11.30am when i got d lucky call from red fm! n guess what... i just won myself RM250!!!! hikhikhikhik
  • this is d first time i entered such contests from radio stations... n i jus can't believe my luck. bes bes bes! i guess perhaps mayb bcos not dat many people listens to red.. sbb tu keberangkalian to win is a bit higher compared to other commercial radio stations. But after a week tuning to red... d station is not bad... d best thing: no stupid commercials & not many advertisements. they have this 40min non-stop music... n d music selections are also great.
  • however... sorry to inform u guys.. last week was d last week for red fm fourplay promotion, d contest ended last Friday but do check out the Red fm website for more interesting contests. i know i will!!! :D -->

The rest of my days for the past 2 weeks are almost d same typical days at work... boring, stressful, annoying, & tiring... hihu. n now dat it is only 2 months plus to my wedding day.. i'm getting busier than ever to complete my bunga telur. every night after work - lilit dawai bunga telur depan tv. i guess that justifies my absence for d past 2 weeks. hehehehe

Setting your wedding budget...

Tips no 3.... actually... this should be ur 1st step in wedding planning... hehe sorry d tips came in a bit late.

My experience: it was a bit hard to find a wedding checklist that could suits your own event, usually those posted in the net are meant for western/chinese/modern wedding... not so much for a malay wedding. kalau for malay the one i found sume jenis checklist yg penuh huraian panjang bejela... which for me is not a checklist at all! however, yeah... u could still use some of the checklist and later perhaps u cld add on based on ur own personal needs. nntla... later2 when i got more free time... my next post would be on malay wedding checklist topic k! :D

so... back to planning ur wedding budget... here's wut i did... d moment after his family came for merisik to my house.... me & ideal sat down to break down our budget... do a major kira2 for the kenduri at both sides. our budget was divided based on our checklist (so a checklist is equally important to as a wedding budget). basically, it was allocated based on these major items:

My side (solemnization & reception) - i didn't have an engagement ceremony, so its related expenses are not included here... if u r planning for ur engagement ceremony as well... please add on. this is also only a guideline for u guys... add on for any additional items (which is y it's best if u hv ur checklist ready)

  • F&B for solemnization
  • F&B for reception
  • Venue rental (hall/garden/homestay/restaurant/hotel/others)
  • Canopies for solemnization (if applicable)
  • Canopies for reception
  • Decorations (eg: flower arch at entrance, scallops, chair cover, table skirting/cloths, table centerpiece, main table centerpiece, etc.)
  • Pelamin + bunga pahar
  • Wedding favors/doorgift (eg. bunga telur, cupcakes, muffins, chocs, sweets, cakes, candles, etc)
  • VIP gift
  • Hantaran (for guys... dnt forget a huge chunk of ur money will go here... heheh)
  • Wedding rings
  • Invitation Cards
  • Wedding dress
  • Solemnization dress
  • Makeup artist
  • Photographer & videographer
  • Accommodation for outstation relatives
  • Accommodation for u & family during next ceremony (reception at ur spouse's side)
  • Honeymoon
  • Miscellaneous (i.e spa treatment, manicure, padicure, inai, if you hire helpers/assistance for the event)

things u might wanna add on: kompang, emcees/djs, wedding cake...dll


anyway... dn't be frightened bythis long list.... how long the list is doesn't determine ur total expenses.... its the figure put for each of the items that are most important... so plan well! and try ur best to stick to the planned budget as much as possible... :) insyaAllah sume ok...