when i walked down d aisle... :)

I never guessed that "walking down d aisle" is actually the highlight of a wedding until i experienced my own wed. :)


It was... it was d moment when u have all sorts of feelings in ur stomach. rasenye time nikah pon d feeling was not dat strong. Perhaps it was bcos... when u make ur entrance... all eyes r on u... ur families, ur frens, u bffs, ur colleagues, ur parent's frens, d caterer's people (every single people in ur wed-day pays their attention to u). So time tula I was all sweaty.. nervous sgt... i ddn't even know how to smile...penat je reminded myself not to grin during my wedding so that my pics would look nicer... but well.. being me.. i still grin all d way... :P

N my walking-down-d-aisle moment was truly the most memorable n special moment of my wedding day... i had to hold my tears back then... So... here are some of the "must/nice-to-have' things that i felt add on to the moment being so special:
  • Red carpet - a must have : u r a d queen n king of d day after all.
  • The march-in song - choose a song dat touches ur heart. Mine was "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain. the version yg ade little words prior to d song... the lyrics nearly got me all teary and made me realized... hey....i'm now married - its d moment n moment on....!!! :D
  • some ppl used kompang to accompany them during d march in. yeah kompang mmg la menyerikan majlis...like an announcement with no words... tp kekdg kalau kompang tu lame sgt... sakit tau tlinge pengantin dgr bunyi kompang yg amat kuat tu kat belakang die. :P so y not divide ur entree to a few phases. mule2 mase turun kereta (main kompang) till u reach d entrance of d hall/venue/wutever jus to grab everybody's attention. then moment of silence (leh wat doa ke or selawat ke or jus few min of silence) - mase ni dupdapdupdap ok. then play ur song n make d beautiful entrance all d way to ur pelamin... it is jus beautiful............ (tgh tebyg2 my own day aritu hikhik)
  • Flowers~!! n lottsa flowers - u can choose for d flowers to b in a flower stand or in forms of flower balls or flower arch or u can make ur walkaway ala2 gazebo with flowers n ivy all over... hehe. sweet~ dn't forget ur hand bouquet... it can also help to hide ur shaky hand. :P and perhaps... flower gals to shower u wif fresh petals... :) jus lovely...
  • Ur bridesmaid(s) - choose someone u r comfortable wif and who have been standing by ur side in most of ur life: be it ur siblings/cousins or bffs... choose those u hold dear cos there's nothing more comforting than their hands and words of comfort when u r all nervous. :) n it's not wrong to have many bridesmaid(s)... hehehe. cume sorg je la ikot naik ke pelamin tp all of ur bffs can be the maids of d day...
  • Hold each other's hand - HELLO PEEPS~!!! U R MARRIED~!!! ehhehehe... schweet occay...
all d best....

"Marriage and wedding is the sweetest thing..." i jus lurve it.... :)

It's dat month again...

where u get wedding invitations for every single weekend of d month... hehehe.
d wed-month has returned... n i've so far received 4 invitations for each wiken..

congrats to all the brides n their groom:

26/10 & 3/10 - elly & iba
10/10 - ikha
18/10 - matdin (ideal's cousin) and also my fren lynda

so s u can see now i'm torned apart again! ideal's cousin is getting married in johor and my fren lynda is getting married in KL. i truly insanely ultimately want to go to lynda's wedding~!!! i know her wedding is gonna be lovely n beautiful n it's a wedding a dont wanna miss. haish... but of cos... there's a whole bunch of families' heart that i must consider too... :(

we've discussed n hopefully the plan work. we'll go to his cousin's house d day before... all out to help d family in preparing for d big day... cos they are going to do a "rewang-styled" kenduri which means... lottttsss n lottttss of work awaits us... so on d 18th hopefully around 3pm we could excuse ourselves n make our way to lynda's wedding which starts at 8pm. :( i'm crossing my fingers wut's in plan works fine... then after lynda's wed we need to drive stret back to kuantan... cos 19th is a Monday! confirm monday blues! halah3~~~

can't wait to go to all these weddings though~!!!! hikhik.
i just lurrrrrvve d atmosphere of a wedding...... BES!

my attempt to change d blog layout

the chronoligical of my emotions:

-patience challenged-
-frustrated again-

haish.... i wish i paid a little more attention to my internet programming in my uni days... dis html codes are driving me crazy n now my nuffnang ads/stats are not cooperating either. grrrrrrrr!

it was not a lonely raya after all~!!!


yup. i had to spend d raya in kuantan.
away from parent. away from relatives. away from friends. :P but it really was not totally away from everything as wut i expected. hehe.

of cos... d day before raya tu cam all busy rearranging the house... n preparing for raya.
i was in a very energetic n my raya mood was soaring high... maka menjadilah kuih last minitku... kuih samprit... :P walopon d look of it x brape menjadi... but i think d taste is well reserved! hehe. mengikut kata2 org yg merasa sedap n as i'm writing this blog... adela tinggal dlm 10 bijik je lagik kot... yg lain dh slamat kene ngap. hehe

then moved on to cleaning and arranging the furniture.
then my next project was to call up my mom, ideal's auntie and my cousin's wife and ask for recipe. hahahah. rendang ayam & laksa from mama. lontong from aunty is. kaksal for daging rendang tok. start going thru my groceries checklist n decided to cook rendang ayam n lontong je after considering i'm gonna work alone in d kitchen n i doubt i'll have d energy to cook everything. :P

so dat nite i started to cook the rendang ayam... senang je rupenye... main masuk2 je... lepas tu tunggu masak. ahhaha. :P cume my kerisik ade sdikit hangit. after consultation wif mama baru found out...kalau nk goreng kelapa wat kerisik... bile die dh stat perang sikit2 tu terus tutup api... den smbg je goreng tanpa api... cos d heat from the pan will continue to cook the kelapa. dah brownish kasi sejuk sket den trus tumbuk to get kerisik. hehe

lepas tu trus siapkan bahan2 to cook lontong 2morow morning cos i know i'll start my morning in the kitchen late 2morrow. i'm so not a morning person. :P

so end up sleeping around 2am that day n woke up at 6.45am and went stret to kitchen to reheat d rendang. boiled the nasi impit nona (yup... dis yr xde ketupat palas original sbb xtau anyam daun) so nasi impit jela... den trus wat lontong n d sambal kuah kacang (also segera nona. heheheh)

ideal came back from work around 7ish.. n he was sent stret to take d sunat ari raya shower... n while i was cooking...smelly...n messy... he's getting all well-groomed, handsome and wangi. haish! first time raye i was all selebet di pagi raya being d housewife in d kitchen. so off he went to solat raya sesorg leaving me wif my half cooked lontong n nasik impit.

seb baik all was ready before he came back from d mosque... so when he returned... all was ready including me! hehe. all wangi wif my baju raya. sebak gak time beraya wif hubby (1st time la katekan)... den called mama n abah... tried to make it sound all cheery n happy to avoid a soppy raya morning over d phone. hehe. :P i did save my tears.

then came our first guest... a neighbour wif his son... n after about 10 min,... suddenly our house was flooded wif our front-door neighbour n his family members!!! ramai gile ok!!!!!! me panic a lil bit cos my pinggang mangkuk yg dikeluarkan sket je... yg lain sume dlm kotak atas almari. aahhahahaa. last2 biar jelah dorg pakai ape yg ade... pinggan, mangkuk kecik, mangkuk besar sume kuar. :P sudu segala jenis sudu pon kuar. seb baik we were prepared wif bottles of soft drinks so i didn't have to prepare any drinks for guest. at dat time i was so relieved dat i cooked evrything extra... kalau x malu je xtau nk idang ape to guest. :P

so... d start of my raya was definitely not a boring and lonely one. amat meriah ok... i was pretty sure it was merrier than the one i had in KL 2 yrs back. :P cume of cos... i missed my family.

we went to a colleague's house later n i received a confirmed news from mama dat they r coming to kuantan dat evening!!! heheheh. so makin meriahlah rayaku after dat.

mama, abah, afaf, ijat, abg khalis n nuha my niece pon datang! they spent 2 nights there and jus went back yesterday. mama siap bawak dtg daun palas and i took the lesson of anyaman very seriously this time around! thn depan nekad nk buat sniri. heheheheh.

so.... it really was an exciting n great raya for both me n hubby. i got to spent d morning raya wif hubby n later shared d happiness wif ma beloved family....

tq mama, abah, ijat n abg khalis for coming down to kuantan!


After a long silence...

yup.. a long silence indeed from me...

no excuses could be given other than me being lazy... :P

nway... encounters wif ma frens raised queries on my loooong-dead-blog... so am making a little effort to update a lil bit here...

after all i know i'll have lots of free time next week during hari raya break mainly bcos am gonna spend d raya leaves here in kuantan wif my beloved hubby instead of balik kampungs. He got to work during d hari raya and hey it's our first raya as hubby n wifey... it feels right to spend d raya morning together... :)

mama abah suggested that they also spend d holidays over here in kuantan n i'm more than flattered to have them at ma house~ :D ideal's auntie n her family is also planning for a pitstop at kuantan on their way to kelantan... so maybe it's not gonna b a lonely n boring hari raya leave at all... we'll see... :D

we are both prepared to celebrate aidilfitri regardless of being jus-d-two-of-us. we've decorated the house wif colorful fairy lights and 10 pelita~! i've done my duties baking simple raya cookies like tat nenas and coco crunch cookies. planning to bake samprit and buat kuih siput tomorrow but bergantung kpd my energy level tomorrow eyh~ :P tp kuih raya yg dpt pon amat banyak sbenarnye... so tgkla 2mrow cane.

i've collected my so-called baju raya from the tailor (didn't buy any...sume kain2 yg dpt from my wed/family) and ideal jus wanna re-cycle his baju nikah. i insisted on buying him a new baju melayu but none from the shopping mall/raya bazaar is to my liking... so we'll stick to his baju nikah tailored by abg man. :D but i'll make sure to sent him for a tailor made baju melayu next year! no "No need" for an answer nxt yr!

so... i guess... selamat ari raya idulfitri... to all my friends and readers....

maaf zahir & batin.