Perhaps simplicity is d best.. :)

I'm done using free blogger templates cos it always gave me problems... sgt annoying.
so i'm choosing to use the provided blogger template n only custom change its fonts n background colors...
n now me prasan my customized page looks sweet n cantek.
hikhikhik. ignore my perasan-ness if u can't bear it. :P

my next project is to custom design the blog header... dat might take some time since i'm not feeling so creative tonite... so later2 me update d new blog header k.

klah memandangkan me tgh melayan 'so you think you can dance' at d moment.
all the other updates have to wait~ hikhik.
coming soon:
1. recommended activities n sites to visit in langkawi
n it seems like i hvn't blogged bout weddings for quite some time wlopon diri sniri x penah jemu browse thru own wedding photos. :) owh sgt suke moment2 itu. so perhaps... i'll write something wrt wedding soon too.
n a fren of mine told me to share some cooking recipes.
so as a start... am gonna share the bread n butter pudding very2 soon. recipe from kakanda terchinta.
i've only tried making it twice... n dem... am so loving it! so sgt truje nk share.

ok mcm dh nk melalut so am gonna sign off now...
later2 k..

back to normal layout..

am using d boring layout for a while before i got the time to configure new headers n d font settings~
jus got to know dat my old layout banyak sgt kasi problem to visitors. haha.
sowie~  no wonder i've been receiving comments yg ade petak petak petak je.
i tot it was some kind of virus ke worm ke yg menyebok2 di blog2 org... so i jus ignored. :P
silly me eyh~

nway... i guess using the bloggers template ni lebih selamat mungkin...
but since i'm at d office.. later2 i'll change d font n color settings aite!

me gotta go back to being the 'pekerja berhemah'. hehe

the best surprise ever~~!!

i was in mood swing n a lot of pressure at work from last week...
wif d negative atmosphere during dis PPA conclusion cycle... i so dread going to d office...
applied for leave on Monday n got rejected...
then got series of encounter wif people who jus have d talent to jus pisses me off...
so... well... my mood was not running high~


i came home around 6.30pm today so dat i got enuf time to see hubby b4 he went off for work at 7.
guesss wut~~~
THIS was waiting for me....

oh i'm sooo loving it. n suddenly my broadband bile click to this lappy... die cam berfungsi dgn efisyen nye...
i got to connect to ym which i was never able to do before this using d company's lappy... n d time it took to upload photos adalah sgt cepat... so i'm so loving dis~~!!!! dr td melayan intenet!

n of cos i'm so loving the hubby for such a nice surprise... eyh salah... for such a GREAT surprise~!!!!
now i rase besalah nk minx adiah bes2 for bday n our anni in nnt May rase besalah tu dh ilang? hikhikhik... we'll see...


Langkawi Travelling Tips... Part I

Hubby n i went to spend 4d3n in Langkawi.. n hell it was great.
Yeah... I've been to Langkawi quite a few times already... n i even practically lived there for about 3 years but that was wayy2 back when i was 1-4 yrs old.

I've never been to Perhentian or Redang or Tioman... but I've been to Pangkor... n i definitely am voting for Langkawi against Pangkor. Pangkor is a bit dull to me... n sad to say... d island was not well kept and taken care of. Hope it has changed from the last time i visited Pangkor.

We purposely didn't book our accom when we went to Langkawi... there's a story behind it tp malas nak cite.. hehe... so wut we did... once we arrived there, we got ourselves a rental car n went for hotel/resort/chalet/motel-hopping. our intention was to spend a lot on activities n shopping so... we had a very low budget for the stay-in. I did some survey before going... n we've made our mind to focus our search in P.Cenang area. Actually it was not hard as there were a lot of choices... but the 4-5stars hotel has a very whopping price... sgt not worth it... roughly below are some tips on the car-rental n accommodation:

Car - we paid RM60 for a 24hours duration of a Wira Auto. once u arrived at the airport there are counters of car-rental with 50% promo. But act, i personally think it was jus simply a gimmick so that ppl won't bargain for less after thinking that they are given 50% discount. So if u wanna get a better deal.. mungkin boleh mencuba bargain. once they handed over the keys to ur car... make sure u asked for the nearest petrol station. I can assure u the fuel tank is at its lowest when they handed over the keys to u. We filled in RM50 : enuf for 4d3n and two full island tour... so don't fill in too much kalau x rugi. when we handed the car back our fuel is well below the red line so i was very much satisfied wif our planning n fuel consumption. :P

Going places - before u start making ur move from d airport/jetty... don't get snobbish n ignore the ladies handing over pamphlets n brochures. they are actually giving out free maps (they hv different maps, so just take it all.. u can simply throw away the unneccessary later) n they have contacts of promotional island tours/island hopping n few more activities so... amek jer ok... they are not giving useless brochures like the one they r distributing at promo kiosk at d malls. hehe. From the map... u can practically plan ur days in the island n so dat u won't waste valuable time getting lost around d island.

Accommodation -
luxurious stay around P.Cenang : Casa Del Mar (RM700-800++ per nite), Pelangi Beach (RM800++ per nite), we only asked those two cos roughly we can est the price of other nice looking hotels along d beach. eheheh. so straightly we focused our seach on low budget hotels/chalets. u can also try aseania, awana (around 15min frm p.cenang),
budget stay: we found a new cabin-style chalet. the interior of the cabin is very nice, complete wif aircond n hot shower, priced at RM150/nite. others along the beach can range from RM100-RM240. others at the opposite side of the road, not along d beach... r priced around RM70-RM80. We stayed at Melati Tanjung for RM100/nite... got air cond n hot shower... so it was acceptable for me. but don't expect much... the room is relatively small n there's no coffee/tea facilities, room service, coffee house/bfast n towels are only changed every 2 days. If u wanna change it early though, u can bring the used towel to the reception n change. but it is along d beach... so the view is nice.
we stayed in Kuah town on our last nite in Langkawi... we chose to stay at Langkasuka Hotel (adjacent to langkawi parade... it was priced RM85/nite so it was relatively below our budget. However, i do recommend u to stay at P.Cenang over the town area. The town seems dead n dull at nite... it didn't feel like Langkawi there. heheh. cenang though is very happening at nite. full of great hang-out spots at nite along d beach... so.. u choose... :)

I'll share some tips on recommended eateries n activities later in Part II k... nak sambung doing my laundry... :)

a brutal saturday~

my body is aching...i got bruises on my knees... n my toe nail is getting darker wif clogged internal bleeding...

bunyi cam br lepas gaduh je kan~ :P those are results of a sport called futsal~
had fun walopon x puas ati dgn hasel perlawanan...
i think i'm gonna love dis sport more than volleyball now~ mainly cause it got me sweat like crazy n body does feel lighter after a week of futsal trainings.
today is d rest day...
ideal br je belepas ke sg petani for his 3days training... n will only be travelling back on thursday...
urged him to come back on wednesday rite after his training ends... tp cam persuasion yg kurang berjaya...
trus rase bosan n sunyi d minute he went out~ gonna have tv n play games alone till thursday... x bes langsung....
i wished i could take leave n follow him to sp... it would have been fun n great...
but i know i'll dread d days when i got back to work n face a loooootttt of task-to-do from d boss.
nope... i can't afford taking leave now... keje banyak sgt...
even my ppa pon x sempat complete lagi...
n i need to have regular dance trainings for petronita dinner this coming friday...
owh i'm so loving my side-activites at d moment...

occasional updates

cepat sungguh masa berlalu.. kan kan~ n i've been abandoning this site for quite sometime.
spent time reading others n jus can't find d mood to write anything jus yet~ haish.

life was hectic.

workload - i'm still thinking y some ppl got time to say they got nothing to do today... but i somehow alwes got work to do... is it me? am i slow in executing d jobs? or perhaps it's bcos i am extremely particular n perfectionist which at times prolonged my job. i could spend 10 precious minutes jus to get the lines of an org chart to be perfect. x boleh tgk kalau ade yg cam x selari even for 0.01" margin. so if u came by to my ofis... u'll see how i changed in front of the pc. i'm used to comments like asal muke ko ketat..asal ko serius sgt.. ko ni wat keje x sedar org lalu pon. i need to loosen up a bit... kan kan?

backup plan (aka future plan) - i'm still considering very seriously to venture in business world. still finding my passion. i know d world has a lot more to offer... makan gaji n working for others... so not motivating at all to me. used to have the dream to b a gm one day... tp skrang rase cam nk brenti je all d time. huhuhuhuh.

brief getaway - i love getaways n vacations. it took my mind totally off everything. work problems. social problems. family problems. anything. name it. mmg hilang segala2 problem. yg ade hanyalah fun fun n fun. n sgt sronok to have a hubby who knows how to have fun s well. hikhik. we went to Langkawi for 4days last 2 week.. n it was truly a great adventure. we tried everything. nnt la.. i'll write in details bout Langkawi trip tips and must do! hehehe.

health & fitness - i've gained weight yg sgt ketara since the first month of my marriage. n the remarks were starting to get to my nerves. so since last month kot... i started out my healthy lifestyle regime... to get d figure n boost up my metabolism back to my single years. currently... am committing myself to regular dance classes, futsal trainings, swimming (belum dpt regularkan lg) n my new venture in golfing. :D. now i know golf do make u sweat!! haha. seriously... i was sweating jus learning to swing d club at driving range. belum masuk pdg lg kot.. hihu.

family - going great jus being d two of us!!! heheh. marriage is awesome. it simplifies so many things and so many complexity in my life. so i'm so enjoying married life. we are both still trying to get our little juniors... so let's jus b patient. perhaps my mother is rite... belum rezeki... Allah nak beri peluang for me to get used to hubby working in shift and spending nights/days without him. cos once the baby comes in... d challenges n stress r going to b bigger. i had to take care of d baby alone at nite when he's working. so yeah... i guess she's rite... there was one time ideal kene keje malam stret 10-15 nites. x ingat.... tp for d first week. x stress pon... bile dh msk d 2nd week... bibit2 stress mule timbul. :P so i'll jus b patient for now... Allah will know when we are both ready for the next adventure... :)

p/s: me sgt malas bab meng-upload gamba... cos there were times when i choose not to write sbb mls nk uplod gamba or d pics belum transfer to pc. last2 x update dalam tempoh yg amat sgt lama. so... terima jelah tulisan tanpa gmba k... :P