when people start staring at my....



Yup, I've gained weight! n my tummy is showing
NOOOO, I'm not pregnant!

Staring is RUDE~!!! get it? rude ok... n
remarks like eyh ko dah pregnant ek????

and i'm truly mostly mad at people who dahla x brape rapat dgn u but somehow bile jumpe u trying to sound peramah and mesra n end up saying words like:
"Dah sehat skrang. Dah tembam skrang. Anis x jaga badan ke skrang. Dah berisi skrang."
I KNOW I'VE GAINED SOME WEIGHT so y dont u jus leave me alone n stop giving me criticism yg sungguh x membina.

mungkin juge i'm feeling sooo depressed at d moment due to my PMS.....

sgt xde mood. nak marah tp kesian plak kat orang yg kene marah tu nnt...
so i guess this blog is jus the place for me to voice out the anger.
excuse me... hmph.