a little splurge @suria

My workshop ended at 4.50pm which means i have around 3hours to kill before i need to be at KLIA and board my plane home... :)

as usual.. i wld text my besties in klcc to hangout and hv an eve drink... sha had to leave work at 6pm and sue had to finish up some important task before she leaves d office... nurul was out of contact.. ehehhehe so... i decided to take a stroll in d parkson, isetan n all over suria. A VERY DANGEROUS DECISION i've made!!!! fyi, i've managed to keep myself from spending money on shopping and unnecessary things (definition of unnecessary: things that i don't urgently need but i LOVE!) huhuhuhuhu.

my visit to parkson brought me to the ladies shoes section... n i was already considering to buy either a guess stilettos, a guess wedges, or a ninewest work shoes! dem... i called nurul once again to ask her to help me make d decision. tp... nasib baikla d line was cut off in d middle of our conversation... so i put the shoes and walkaway.... (safely secured myself from dangerous zone 1) hihi

next visit.. isetan. i saw d sale ad at isetan entrance which is d main reason i went in... since i already spent my time eyeing for shoes in parkson, this time i went straight to the ladies apparel section. and that's about when i remembered dat i'm already bored with my current work pants and blouses. i tried a few pants,.... n my God! kenapela banyak sgt yg menarik ni~~~ i was torned! n ended up getting 3 new work pants for myself.... (but d price was quite a bargain for me... so dat's y i took 3... hihu) my excuse is acceptable aite! ehhehehe
so... d time i walked out of isetan... i was already feeling great and my adrenaline to shop is starting to build up again!!! excuse me... i haven't splurge for quite some time... so it was really2 exciting to start doing it again. ahahahah. i end up going into each retail shop there - nasib baik xde yg bekenan di hati ok! hahahaha. then i passed thru la senza! wow! SALE yg sgt menarik!!!

it was really packed in there... n d bargain was too tempting to resist. It's a violation of shopaholics mind not to go in!!!! bestnyerrrrr..... even d long queu to the fitting room seems worth my time. hehehe. i spent like an hour kot dlm tu... smpaila nurul n sue arrived when i was about to pay. :D n like any other time... i end up being d shop member (la senza member card is cute!) lalalalalalala~~~~

i should thank su'e n nurul for saving me from spending any more money... phewww... so we went stret to coffeebean... it was great to hang out wif ur besties... updating each other's life affairs... :) time flew quickly. we were later joined by pn shanana n her hubby en hakimi (owner of d braincellkilla blog). shared a few laughs over shanot's fouls.... ekkekkeke. she can b a coincidence entertainer (yg mmbuatkan org gelak tanpe die sedari)

d cashier in d pic sgtla aktif+energetic n hv a talent to annoy ppl - he actually nicknamed one of his cust Ms Madonna. hihuhuhuhu... ktorg layan jela gelak... seb baik dat lady ok je diberi nickname sebegitu. i guess she finds it flattering. ekkekeke

upper: sue... bottom: my x-roomie from UTP. saye call die rumet @ nurul.
hehehe sori rumet... gamba rumet cam rosak sket dr phone anis ni. hihik. yg penting u look beautiful! heheh ;)

then i shared with them my prev dilemma in parkson... n dem! once again... a dangerous topic to discuss... so.... we decided to check the shoes again.... n welll... i guess u figured out... i ended up buying one of them. haish! i bought a 4-inch wedges.... n it's BEAUTIFUL!!! love love love. :D



My accidental affairs with MAS flight attendants...

It's been quite some time since i receive any invitation for a meeting in KL, so last week when i was required to be at Impiana on 26th Feb... i was like... malasnyeeee nk drive!!! So.. i decided to take the early morning flight on 6.50am from Kuantan to KL and take the last flight back to Kuantan which is on 9.55pm.

Since i was gonna have some free time on the flight, i figured out to make it a quality one...so... i decided to bring along some of my 'dawai bunga telur' to kill the time. Little did I know... how a big deal it was for me to bring d dawai on board! hihu.... so... when i was about to board the flight from kuantan-KL... kan ade scan2 bag kan.. here's wut happened:

Officer : awak bawak ape ni dlm beg ni?
Me : arr? bawak notebook and doc sket... (dgn muke sgtla inesen and i totally forgot bout the dawai)
Officer : Lagi????
(her face dah mcm curious sket... sooooo.. it made me to think harder... wut did i put in d bag sampai akak ni tanye bnyk ni ek~ THEN! pufff! i remembered d dawai!!!) hihu

Me : Ooooooooooo... saye bawak dawai~
Officer : Ha? dawai? Dawai ape?
Me: hihi... dawai bunge telur la kak... alamakkkk... takleh ek bwk dawai
(me trying to put the most inesen face and cube blagak tenang)
Officer : Oooo... cube bukak tengok...
Me: Boleh2... ni ha... dawai bunge telur... nak wat dlm flight (aksi mcm nk tunjuk excited sket) :P

Luckily... d officers kat ctu let me in... since it was not a big harm kot. :P phewww~~ seb baik...
So i went in n board d plane...

On plane scenes: ( i was seating alone in row 16)

Scene 1: upon passengers board n before take off
Stewardess 1: eh2... awak buat pe tu?
Me : buat bunga telur... :)
Stewardess 1: oyeke.... utk diri sniri ke org punye...? rajinnye....
Me: utk diri sniri la.. kalau org punye x rajin sgt kot... hhehehe
Stewardess 1: bagusnye... bile kawen?
Me: :) insyaAllah bulan 5...
Stewardess 1: Owh.. x lame dah... bnyk lagi ke nak buat?
Me: Erm... dh siap bnyk jugak... tp final step x stat lagi... so bnyk la lagi
Stewardess 1: Ooo.. ok... congrats ye...
(n she went to cont her job)

Scene 2: Inspection by Chief Steward
Chief Steward: ehhh... buat ape tu? kraftangan ye?
Me: eh xlah.... wat bunga telur
Chief Steward: oooo...awak nk kawin ke?
Me: aah... :)
Chief Steward: Bile tue?
Me: InsyaAllah bulan 5 ni....
Chief steward: oyeke... ok2... gudluck n congrats

Scene 3: Distribution of nuts~
Steward 2: buat ape tu?
Me: tgh wat bunga telur
Steward 2: wahhh rajinnye... :)
(n then he went along to pass d nuts to other passengers

a few minutes later... he came back for d complete interview.. hiuhuhuhu

Steward 2: bile nak kawen?
Me: insyaAllah bulan 5
Steward 2: oooo... awak org kuantan ke
Me: taklah... KL (tepakse cos nk cut short d conversation sbb kalau ckp org kedah then i'll have to tell him probably half my life story. ahhahaha.)
Steward 2: then... ni dr kuantan ade ape
Me: ooo..x... keje kat kuantan... family kat KL
Steward 2: oyeke... nk kawen dgn org kuantan ke ni? keje kat mane?
Me: Keje kat gebeng... tau ke??? (hahahah... i alwes have this impression if u don't work in gebeng... u would never know d existence of that place. :P)
Steward 2: ermmm.. kat mane tu? (how right i was!!! mmg org xtau ok gebeng kat mane!)
Me: Jln menghala ke kemaman... :)
Steward 2: ooooo.... jauhnye keje
Me: (ishhhh... ramah betul steward sorg neh! layan jelah.. tebantut bunga telur aku ni kejap) nk wat cane... dh kene station ke sane...
Steward 2: oyeke... company ape
Me: MTBE (once again i was sure he didn;t know ape itu MTBE)
Steward 2: (muke blur) MTBE??? company ape tu?
Me: Anak syarikat PETRONAS (i don't knw y... but i'm alwes reluctant to tell strangers that i work with PETRONAS. huhuhuhu)
Steward 2: oyeke.... :) ni blk KL jumpe family over d weekend ke
Me: oo... taklah... ade miting kat kl... mlm karang balik naik flight mlm ke kuantan. :)
Steward 2: oooo... ok... penat tu...klah... smbg la wat bunga telur tu... jumpe lagi ye...
Me: occay... thanks... :)

phewwww.... 5 minutes after that... d captain made d announcement we are about to land soon... so there goes my whole trip in d plane... i packed back all the dawais... sempat lilit 100 dawai... oklah tu kan~ heheheheheh
When i passed thru d stewardess and stewards lineup, d captain wish me well for my wedding~ ehehehhehe... malunye~~ x pepasal all the flight attendants tu dah tau i'm getting married in May. hahahahaha... :P

-end of journey 1-

Choosing The Theme Color...

Since i'm feeling fairly sleepy now... i'll blog in some simple tips on dis simple subject:

"Choosing a theme color for your wedding... how hard could it be????"

hehehehe... as simple as it may sound... even choosing the theme color can be such a chaos in the early days of your planning. y??? definitely cos a color sets almost every aspects of the event: ur decos, ur favors, ur pelamin, ur dress, ur cards, n d list goes on... And bcos of this particular reason, u'll find dat everybody close to you would suggest you a pile of colors to choose. n this is when u'll start going color blinded... heheheh.

Nonetheless... i think wht's d most important thing in choosing ur theme color is this:

  1. let's say you choose color x,
  2. what would be the best combination of color x that could be made as the color of ur wedding dress (let's say color y)
  3. would color y suits (i) ur skin color, (ii) ur personality, (iii) d wedding itself! :)

dat is y a white wedding dress would alwes be the safest choice and white could practically suits every other color combination... but an all white wedding is a lil a bit boooring... dn't ya think? i did some survey... so here's some tips if u wanna choose colors other than white for ur wedding dress:

Courtesy of Jana Walters:

  • Fair Skin. Choose light colors, like beige, sea-foam, rose, and other pastels. Creamy colors with a hint of peach work wonders. However, don't limit yourself to hues as fair as your skin. Mix a bright and colorful piece, (like a turquoise polo, or bold headband,) with a more subtle color. Girls with dark hair and porcelain skin look absolutely stunning in rich purples, emerald greens, and deep reds. Avoid blacks. They will make you looked washed-out.
  • Golden Skin. Golden skin really is light skin, but it's a few shades darker than fair, and it doesn't look like you're a porcelain doll. Any color looks gorgeous on you. In the daytime, try colorful pieces. Also, sage green pants look great. For evening, go with subtle, yet powerful hues, like a kelly green dress, or a girly pink. Any shade of blue looks beautiful too. The best part? You get to wear black, the most slimming, simple, and intriguing color of all
  • Bronzed Skin. Turquoises, oranges, and pinks look best on you. Any color that's a mix between two others is key. They play up your tanned look. If you dare, try a shade of red, and steal the spotlight.
  • Dark Skin. Your type of skin looks beautiful against semi-rich colors. Avoid very dark colors. Plums, ruby-reds, and forest-greens look amazing. For a noticeable contrast, mix in an ivory piece. It makes your skin noticeable and is very flattering.

So... once u r aware of which color best suits u... u can start deciding on ur wedding color theme!!!

just throwing some ideas on wedding color combinations:

  • tiffany blue & brown (MINE!) :D
  • soft pink & white
  • grey & pink (my sis'! cantek!)
  • goldie brown & cream
  • apple green & aqua blue/yellow
  • purple (i alwes love dis color - every tone of purple is nice)
  • fiery red & white
  • peach & orange
  • maroon & white

wutever ur choice may be.... i personally think it's best to choose ur fav color as ur wedding theme... :)

Adding to "My Hantaran" gifts!!!

I came back to my parent's home in damansara yesterday n discover a very much awaited package has arrived for me on friday!! jeng jeng jeng~~!!!

My excitement made me to tore open dis particular package right there right then! (wif my little sis by my side waiting wif curiosity (in her mind mungkin cani kot "apela yg kak anis excited sgt ni smpai x nyempat2 nk bukak kotak ni...") hihihihihihhihi

n my precious revealed its beautiful appearance.... "canteknyeeeeeeerrrr" (this remarks from my lil sis is enuf to make me smile from ear to ear!) n then came my mother from the kitchen..." awat yg dok riuh2 sgt ni??" ehhehehe n then i went "tgkla mama~~~~~~~~~~~~ handbag baru saya!!!!! lalalalalala~~~". I LURVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....

Thanks to Corina from coachnmuchmore for making my dream come true... :) n of cos... to my dearest kande for dis ultimate hantaran gift! hihihihihihihih.

Coach Leather Sabrina #12937

Blogging template error

sorry frens... my downloaded template nampaknye membuatkan the comment features to be disabled or somehow deleted. I've reverted my blog setting to classic template. Since i'm currently working... i'll be working on the template code as soon as i get back from work tonite k!
give me time~~~ ehheheh...

thanks to kimi for highlighting the flaw~ dem... pttler 0 jerk comments dlm blog aku neh~ kuang3

Adding d blog links...

Dearest frens... whoever u may be...
nak update d fren's blog list in my blog...
so if u dont mind... give me ur blog add k!!! :D

love lots,

Choosing d venue... :)

As what i said in my first post... i'm gonna use this blog as an avenue for my wedding updates and perhaps some tips.
So... let's start with the first step in planning ur marriage - choose ur venue!!!!

Personally, i think that choosing d venue is d most exhausting and challenging step in wedding planning... so... never procrastinate this! start immediately once u've got a confirmed date for your ceremony; be it the solemnisation ceremony or receptions.

Before u start ur hunt for ur perfect venue, do get these details sorted out first k... :)

  • budget breakdown ($$$$ is alwes d most important chunk of ur wedding planning)
  • number of guests u r planning to invite to each ceremony
  • ur wedding theme - ballroom/hall/garden/poolside/homey/ etc.2
  • time of wedding - day-wedding @ dinner-wedding
once u got these details in ur mind: go hunt for ur ideal venue!! :D
i did my survey solely online and of course through my big sista's recommendation (btw, my sis is a wedding planner herself, she has serious talent in decorating and creating lovely wedding favors and hantaran so feel free to visit her page at
from the age of 15 (yes... i started dreaming bout my wedding as early as when i was 15! :P)... i alwes dreamed of a garden wedding... wif fairy-tale like decos, lots of flowers and sweet color theme. :) here's a few selection if you opt for garden wedding as well:

Avillion Port Dickson

  • great scenery & atmosphere

  • nice deco & concept

  • price range: starts from RM100++ per person

  • capacity 180 in ballroom, outdoor (not sure)

  • 1hour 15min drive from Kuala Lumpur

  • extensive wedding package includes 1st anni return stay :)

Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

  • got prob accessing their webpage today... http://www.cyberview-lodge.com/

  • i got this hotel's review in a bridal mag few months ago and i did check it out...

  • i LOVE its picturesque surroundings

  • price is very much in the high range... so, if u have a high budget, u might wanna check it out :)

Tropicana Golf Resort & Palace of Golden Horses

  • Both venue are great for garden wedding

  • I got reviews and recommendation of both from my big sis, so i didn't have to search for them in the net

  • conclusively, i didn't choose POGH due to my constraint budget (sigh!) and its location

  • and i didn't choose Tropicana mainly due to my farther's preferences. hihu

  • if you would like to approach d sales of both venues, feel free to contact my sis

Lots of other venue i would like to put in here... tp mcm bnyk sgt je... wutever ur choice might be... d main thing is ask ur heart! kalau ur first instinct mcm not so sure of the venue... go hunt for another... after all... IT'S UR WEDDING!!! :D
As for mine... i choose Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam at Bukit Kiara for both my solemnisation and reception, :) reasons for it:

  • it well suits my budget & my theme! (yeeha!)

  • my dad agrees to it...n so does my mom (phewwww)

  • it's very2 near to my house (5 min je kot using sprint. :P)

  • i was not so much convinced by the professionalism of its sales person during my site visit, but i trust my sis.... and being a perfectionist myself... i'll make sure of every details! (or so i pray i have the time n strength)

I guess, i'll sign off for now.... i'm open for any questions or comments with regard to d topic though... n to all brides-to-be.. happy planning!!!!! :D

Glittering night~

Last night was a blast!!!

I attended d PETRONITA annual dinner (a society club of PETRONAS women staff and wives of PETRONAS staff) not just as a guest... but as a performer! :D it was really great n fun. here's a sneak preview of what i was performing last nite... hehehe

~Dance performance of "Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai" song from Mohabbatein film~

Ma 1st Post... :D


I blogged for few months (wayyy years ago) and my busy schedule just got me too occupied to keep on updating d stories..n now... I AM FINALLY SETTLING DOWN!!! :D and i jus got so many stories to share and kinda got tired of repeating d same stories to my frens (note here my besties are all over malaysia - 5 in kl, 1 in aloqstaq, 1 in melaka, and 2 in bintulu) to keep them updated with what's going on in my complicated life. hehe :D n dat includes my other frens (oldfrens,colleagues,not-so-close frens,exes-of-every-kind n etc2.) hihuhuhuh
dat's about when i decided to start blogging again..n pheww~! finding a title for dis new blog is already an exhaustion to my mind (need to get my creativity back i guess!!! duuhh) :P

hmph... for a start...
here's my initial plan of the purpose of this blog

1. I've been planning for my wedding (which is in May btw) so.... there were soooo much things happening every week. And since i'm d kind of gal who gets easily excited by all this little cute stuff.... wedding planning is something i really2 ENJOYED!!! sooooo... i wanted to share all the episodes of my planning... n perhaps some tips (if i can...mcm la dh terror sgt dlm bab wedding planning ni. hihi) to all my frens... :D

2. I'm getting bored wif my work which means now i came back from work a little bit earlier than usual (which also means i'll have more time to update blogs n surf d nets or so i hope... :P)

3. I'm simply one hell of a bubbly lady who can't find a fullstop when she start telling stories. :P especially if i love ur company and u make me comfortable... u'll keep me going n going n going until forever... hihi. i kinda hope this blog could lessen my desire to speak TOO MUCH. let's let d blog do d talking once in a while aite!

with all said... let d blog begins... hihihihihihih (i'm all excited again!)