Our new favourite pastime....

I remembered having this conversation wif ideal when we hung out at benteng almost 17 months ago...

me: "de...de, de x minat mancing ke? mcm bes je mancing kat benteng ni kan... mancing kat laut pon bes kan?"
ideal: "mancing? minat je...ade joran kat rumah tu... tp dh lame x mancing"
me: "iye?????????? nnt bawakla kite mancing k!! dah lame tringin nk mancing sejak keje kat kuantan ni"
ideal: "betul ni? kite ngat die x suke... tkt nnt die boring je"
me: "boring??? x la.... mmg la kite kekurangan kesabaran... tp bes ape mancing...nak bwk kite ek ek ek...."
(n we ended d conversation wif sparkles in my eyes...anticipating d day out to fish)

AND guess what!
my waiting days was over last week. Out of a sudden, ideal called and asked "jom g mancing"
fuhhhh... that was a surprised... i waited n hinted him to take me fishing for months and finally on that day...he decided it's going to be our 1st day out fishing together

hikhik. lalalala~

1st time - we spent d night fishing at benteng and managed to catch: 1 gelama & 2 sirat (very2 ugly n disgusting fish).
2nd time - we went to the pecah ombak rocks at kuantan port - naice! i played apollo and caught 2 small fishes... sgt truje walopon ikan kecik
3rd time - we went back to benteng - i caught a labi-labi! hahahahah. trust me... that labi2 really freaked me out... tarik2 naik ade kaki empat... rupe2nye labi2. hahaha selain dr labi2 dapat ikan kunyit sekor.. :D
4th time - Ideal bought me my own personal fishing rod!!! hikhik. sgt truje masuk kedai joran... n me being me... i dont know how.. but my eyes always caught d expensive items... i eyed the RM400++ rod and RM300 motor. hahah.. but since ideal was buying it for me... ade sdikit consideration and i opted for a less expensive one. but still the excitement was very2 high. malu plak dgn uncle tu. We tried my new fishing gears at the nearby beach... ideal caught a tapak sulaiman (seriously! can a starfish catch a bait??? ekkeke) i didn't manage to catch any fish... but it was a great evening!

Can't wait to have more adventures fishing.... heheheh. even thinking of bringing my fishing rod to our honeymoon but ideal totally abruptly rejected the idea. ekekkekek. :P

My new secret...

i've just enrolled myself to a new secret...
i just love opportunities...

p/s: i'll reveal d secret very2 soon... hikhikhik...saje nk wat suspen. :P

Pameran Pengantin @ Ampang Point

iklankan kejap... pameran pengantin is currently going on at Ampang Point (4th & 5th March only) hihu... so... jom ramai2 g sane esok.. ehehhehe

nway... I checked out Isabella Kek earlier this evening... n yup.. the price info from Puteri is valid! They priced the cake at RM 88 per kg (flavour choice: butter vanilla, butter choc, butter orange, marble choc, marble orange) or RM 96 per kg (flavour american choc). I tasted the american choc cake... it was good... not d super-duper-delicious good... but d i-could-eat-a-whole-slice-no-sweat good. ehhehe. so... that basically passed my test.

The owner (her name is Penny) is indeed a very nice lady... can discuss n ask her jus about anything (only about cakes of cos). Usually they would give u 1kg free if u r taking the 3-tier and above cake so basically the top tier is free. And owh btw... the price above is for fondant icing (the hard sugar icing), for normal icing, it is very2 much cheaper but i didn't ask for the exact price... sowie~ hehehe.

nway... she was actually d one who reminded me about the Pameran Pengantin. All bcos her shop was practically empty at the moment of my visit... all her display stuff has been brought to d wedding exhibition.

So... I think i'm gonna go to Ampang Point tomorrow to see what it is about wedding exhibition. :) kalau i rajin... I'll update u guys wif d details tomorrow k.

K lah... i need to get some sleep now... got a whole lot of agenda for tomorrow wif my sis.

p/s: sowie.. xleh update candid photos of my visits n preps... my handphone memory card mcm jammed plak.. demmit~

Real Cake? Dummy Cake? Wedding cakes.... :)

Worries are overwhelming me... butterflies r flying in me... it is now a month away... huhuhu

Had a dinner hangout wif Ayuni n Di d other day... Ayuni's date is getting even nearer!!!! hehehehe. can't help but to talk only about weddings everytime we see each other. It's practically our LIFE right now. ehhehehe. Getting d little details done and checked wif each other... it is so good to discuss n share it wif a someone who's planning too! hehehe. boleh betukar2 idea... n at d end... we got to share some interesting facts and contacts.

D day before i went out wif them... suddenly i was thinking about my wedding cake and how i want everything to be as perfect as I wish it would. :) actually my sis and i already decided to take d dummy 5-tier cake provided by KGPA for d wedding... but somehow... i started to think about it again and thought...why not get a real cake..even a 2-tier cake is enuf... so I did a little survey in d net... asked my married frens.... n i've actually found a cake shop which is so far has d most reasonable price wif interesting selections. Thanks to Puteri and her sis-in-law for d info!! ehehhe. I've checked out their site at http://www.isabellakek.com/ which displays a lot of designs and varieties. Now all i have to do is taste it! ehhehehe. Based on Puteri's testimonial... n i TRUST her taste in almost everything... their cakes r reasonably priced at around RM400 for a 3-tier cake. Believe me... that's cheap for a 3-tier! :D Overall thru my research online... d usual price is around RM 600-RM 800. So... i definitely am going to check out this shop. It is located along Jalan Genting Kelang at Setapak area and I think I'm gonna check it out today later in d evening! can't wait though.

Nway... i did some research on the design choices in d net... jus in case i wanted to custom made my cake... here are some of my fav designs.... let's see if u guys could vote for d best... perhaps i would consider d most popular design voted as my wedding cake.. :D


The complications of my heart

My heart never fails to give complications for my brain..

I'm wondering how is it possible to hate n love someone at d sametime...
I truly hate that one person for making me feel this way...
(oh btw..it's not d lovey-dovey love... it's diff set of love.. love for people u might care about)

I'm getting married for God sake... hihuhuhuh.


This is not about my heart doubting d choices i've made. I've made my choice firm and happy.

I'm very2 much excited and can't wait to live with my hubby for d rest of d life Allah forbids me...

I'm just confuse with another part of my life : the friends part
and I just hate to be confused...
How can someone be concern n want dat someone else to b happy n yet u hate them...?
How can someone hate someone n at d sametime tried so hard to make things ok between them?
How can someone be confused when there should be nothing to be confused about..?

Oh my...
My heart is too complicated even for me to understand.
TODAY is my HATE day....
I practically hate 80% of the people who crossed my path today.
yeah... sorry that I hate U....
I just did...

or perhaps it's jus d pms working out d hormones in my brain n heart...

-pardon me-