bekam = pain = good for health = pain (notice d double pain!)

yesterday, i was feeling bored. hubby was working the day-shift so i was left alone for d wiken.
so... i went to town, got my self a facial, n tetibe trase nk wat bekam~
dah ramai actually recommended the so called natural pain relief treatment (dat's wut they called it in the brochure).
i was nervous but kinda looking forward to the results n its miracle.
so first was the consultation, the therapist would ask what's ur health problems & areas of usual pain.
mine is migrain and back and shoulder pain.
so she suggested a few spots for the bekam.
i was all in agreement and left everything to her judgement.

so the treatment begins...
first spot was at the center of my neck at the back. it was ok~~ the pain was bearable n i was embracing it thinking that my head is gonna feel so much lighter after this.
then starts the spots at my back. ouch!!! sgtla sakit!!
huhuhuhu. i actually counted the no of needle jabs i got for each spot... cos it was so painful n i jus needed to distract my mind from the pain.
so for the larger spots at my back, i got around 70-80 jabs. for the smaller spots around my neck n forehead, i got around 30-40 jabs.
the neck is the least painful.
the forehead was kinda painful but bearable sbb 30-40 jabs je
but for the back, there were times when i had to stop the therapist for a minute to take my breath n ease the pain. sakit~~~~~ at first it felt like the needle jabs taken on ur finger during basic blood test for sugar level. but imagine 70-80 times the needles punctured thru ur skin. n the needles were even thicker than the one used for normal blood test.
but during the sucking period, it was not as painful. boleh rase die suck ur blood.
n my toxic was like~~~~ masyaAllah~banyaknyee~~ huhuhu.
even the therapist pon ckp mcm ni br puas ati buat sbb kuar banyak.
the toxic blood was dark red and clumpy.

after the bekam session, they would put a herbal oil to close the wounds and makes the healing process faster. mase die letak minyak ni.... akan rase pedih sket. huhu.

so after my experience...
kalau org tanye if i recommend it or not
yes, it is good for health n all s it got rid of the toxic in ur blood stream.
but.... be brave! and kalau u rs amik darah utk blood test tu sakit....
u might not wanna opt for it. :P