1month milestone

Dear tya,
For u & i to remember by... :)

- she's becoming cheekier
- her bones r getting stronger: dah boleh angkat kepala & keraskan kaki utk bediri
- she can grips
- her kicks are getting stronger
- she seems to recognize me! Haha prasan or not i cant verify~ :P
- she knows when ppl are around her.. Dah boleh bg tenungan tajam when ppl pick her up or talk to her
- she's starting to prefer co-sleeping wif mummy. Siang mlm nk bekepit now. Dh a few nights x tdo dlm playpen~ hihu
- tali pusat tanggal on her 10th day... But her navel cont to bleed a little for a few days... Alhamdulillah now dh x bleed cume kekdg still nmpk cam basah2. I still cuci wif alcohol swab if it looks wet or ade kotoran2 mcm daki...
- she had mini period during her 1st-2nd week which freaks mummy & daddy out. Huhu. Turns out it's normal for baby girls to have such vaginal bleeding due to transfer or hormone from the mother.
- owh she survived from jaundice. X kene kuning & no experience being exposed under the uv light. Hehe. Highest reading was 153 & her paed said it's normal for readings under 180z yeay!
- she got thick hair. Kene shave by daddy on her 2nd week kot... N now dah tumbuh blk more then 1cm long n sgt lebat
- i can see dat her eyelashes r getting longer. Masa first few days x nmpk langsung... N then slowly it grows.. Mummy tetiap ari cek sbb nak tgk lebat & lentik x. Hikhik

Ok tu je kot milestones for her 1st month... Nnt ingat ley tambah lg...

Grow well & healthy baby chayunk mummy!


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